Kuusalu koolil on sõpruskoolid Rootsis ja Soomes:
Rootsis Fagersta Brinellskola ja Umea Grubbeskola;
Soomes Valkeala ja Rajatorpa koolid.

1. Liisa Põhjala
I have been to Sweden before, but I have never met people like your students. We had a lot of fun during the days and everybody was cheerful and friendly. It amazed me a little bit how similar we actually are. We are from different countries but we think the same way, so that´s good. I specially enjoyed your performances and now I know much more about Sweden. And I am glad that during our stay we also had a chance to show you a little bit about Estonia. I’m sorry that I couldn´t communicate with everybody because of that short trip. But I really hope that we can keep in touch and I hope to see you soon at Kuusalu.

2. Getter Leht
This was my first time in Sweden. The school where we stayed was very different from our school. In the school the students had a lot of free time and the atmosphere there was nice. The place, where I stayed, was beautiful and people were friendly. The most surprising thing was the food. My hosts gave me prawns with paste and that was unusual for me, but I liked it.

3. Grete Altosaar
The first thing that I want to do, is to thank all of you for the nice time in Sweden, especially my host Nick of course. Although at first, I was a bit shocked, that I had to live 30km from Fagersta, eventually I started to like living there, because of the ponies (Goldstar and Starlight) and horses, who welcomed me at my first day there very happily :-) I had a lot of fun spending time with all of you and I`ll never forget how you tried to teach me some Swedish. I think I made quite a fool of myself, but it doesn`t matter. The other thing I`ll definately remember is the cool guide in Engelsberg Ironworks and the Estonian sentences Johannes wanted to tell him. I also had a lot of bus rides during my visit there, but it was kind of exciting, because I probably saw more than the others, your country’s beautiful nature.So these were my brightest impressions about our trip to Sweden and it was very sad, that it had to end so soon.Two days are totally not enough. Luckily you will come to visit us in spring and probably can stay longer than we did. Anyway I`m already looking forward to it and we are definately going to have a great time here too.Have a nice schoolyear until then and see you all in spring!

4. Jaanika Abel
Dear Brinellskolan students and teachers, I have been to Sweden for four times. But the last time in Fagersta was the best. It was really interesting to know how a usual Swedish family live. I was very happy to live with my sweet host Elin and his smart boyfriend. What a lovely couple! It was really nice to meet their parents also. I was surprised of their almost perfect English. I think that in Estonia elder people can’t speak English so fluently. Due to your performances and our talks I found out that Swedish people are more satisfied with their lives and much happier than Estonians. It was really pleasant time in Fagersta! I look forward to your visit in spring.

5. Madis Bender
I am sorry, that our time together was so short, but I really enjoyed it very much and I am looking forward to your trip to Estonia in spring.

6. Meeri Meltsa
That trip was memorable. You were all very kind and friendly. Even your classmates were eager to spend time with us. And as your English was brilliant we had no barriers in relating. It was good that the days were busy: we had no time to just sit around, there was always something to do, somewhere to go. I really enjoyed spending time with you. Too bad that we couldn´t stay longer, but I´m looking forward to your visit in spring :)

7. Jane Kesamaa
I had the best trip of my life. I could meet the students of your school.I loved the people in Fagersta, everybody was so nice to us and wanted to talk to us and learn our language. I was surprised how well we all got along. We had many interesting things to do together – performances, excursion, meetings, talkings... Hope to see you soon at Kuusalu!

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